How to Perform Pegasus Faucets Repair

Most people who have problems concerning their faucets do not know what to do. But there are actually easy steps when people want to perform Pegasus faucets repair for their plumbing device, especially when the problem concerns leaky cartridge faucet. The cartridge faucet has some holes on the assembly line in the stem and cartridge which align the control water flow. The problem may occur because of 2 things: the O-ring has been worn out or the cartridge has faulty problem.

Here are several ways to determine the problem and fix it:

  • * Take a look at the ring. If it is still in good condition, take out the cartridge. If the cartridge is badly shaped, replace it with the good one. You can find the cartridge under the sleeve of the outside faucet. Look and find for the retainer clip locking the cartridge firmly.
  • * There are several designs of cartridges, so before installing the new replacement into place, make sure you read the manual. The most ordinary and common types is that the flat-side part must face up front. If not, the supply for hot and cold water may be reversed. When installing, be sure that the retainer clip will fit perfectly into the slot.

That is the easy ways in repairing leaky cartridge faucet. And it is easy to perform Pegasus faucets repair if you know how.