How to Install New Pegasus Faucets Kitchen

People, who have been using good and reliable kitchen plumbing system, would surely know about Pegasus faucets kitchen. The faucets have been around for some time and have been known for their durability and their strength. But some people do not know how to install the new Pegasus faucets in their kitchen.

Here are several easy steps that you could try in installing the new faucet: 1. Remove the water line by using the adjustable wrench. Remove the lines from the valve located under the sink. The valve is usually in the shut-off mode, but you need to turn off the valve before doing anything. 2. There is another end of the water supply line which is located in the bottom of the stem faucet. Unfasten it. 3. By using basin wrench, you need to unscrew the nuts from the faucet stem. Take off the old faucet from the top of the sink. 4. Cover some plumber’s putty on the underneath side of your new faucet and put it on the top of the sink. By using the basin wrench, you have to fasten the nuts underneath the sink on the faucet stem. 5. Wrap the faucet stems and the shut-off valve by using a Teflon tape or just regular tape. 6. Clean off the putty on the sink

You see, it is not hard to install new Pegasus faucets kitchen inside your kitchen. Just give it a try and see the difference.